Marlon, a one year and four month old mix breed dog, had a great time visiting with The Banner for Take Out Tuesday this week.

Coming back from a long weekend trip is always fun to get back to the work week, but our first day back was a little different since it was Take Out Tuesday. We had Marlon the darlin’ as our guest.

Marlon is a one year and four month old mix breed dog at the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS) and has a wonderful personality of his own along with the numerous breeds that he is mixed with.

As he entered the office, the cheeseburgers were waiting for him and Marlon had no problem making sure we knew he liked the cheeseburgers.

Marlon ate the burgers one bite at a time, however, I am pretty sure that he could have ate it in a whole bite.

Once finished with the snacks, Marlon quickly went after the squeaky toy we had waiting for him, and he was trying desperately to get the squeaker loose.

We decided to play with a rope toy once Marlon got the squeaker out and he had a blast running after it and bringing it back for more fun.

After playtime, we decided to go for a walk to the Stephens County Courthouse where he visited with the deputies at the front of the building.

Sometimes we have problems with the dogs wanting to choose between the elevator and stairs, but Marlon didn’t look to be a fan of either.

Getting him into the elevator was a challenge and thanks to help from one the deputies, we got him in and promised him that he would enjoy his trip.

He quickly realized that going upstairs meant more treats and he devoured every single one given to him at the District Attorney’s office.

We then went over to the Court Clerk’s office where we spent time talking with the people who work there.

The ladies were impressed with how Marlon acted. He quickly went to each person to say hello and made sure that the attention was all on him.

Ready to head over to the next turn of his day, we went back into the elevator and had no problem this time with Marlon wanting to take a ride.

Once back at the office, Marlon was ready for some relaxing time away from the other wonderful animals at the SCHS.

He took a nap and enjoyed the last little bit of time at The Banner.

We feel he would make a great addition to any family. He did well with kids at the Courthouse and also didn’t meet a stranger.

He is available for immediate adoption at the Stephens County Humane Society along with other animals who are awaiting a forever home.

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