Investigators with the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s office has deemed a structure fire which occurred June 13 as arson.

According to court documentation, Anthony Wilson, of Duncan, now faces second degree arson.

Reports obtained from the Stephens County Courthouse show the fire happened at a house in the 500 block of Howard Street on June 13, resulting in Oklahoma State Fire Marshals inspecting the home for what caused the ignition inside the rental property.

Documents obtained from the incident show Wilson as the only one inside the residence at the time of the fire as another occupant to the home was at work. The other occupant of the home received a text message with video showing the flames, according to an affidavit, and provided investigators with a statement.

Studies on the structure determined no sign of a disturbance or struggle occurred in the home, though the fire started in a bedroom and a bed set was indicative of the point of origin for the fire.

Investigators also checked cigarettes and other debris off the list as the fire ignition.

Instead, investigators discovered a handheld Bic lighter. It was also noted in a report by investigators that Wilson was sitting outside of the dwelling on fire, in a detached garage. Those inspecting the scene including firefighters also heard Wilson allegedly “spontaneously … uttering of taking a candle and threw (SIC) it in his bed,” which was located in the fire’s area of origin, according to reports.

The suspect said voices told him to do it, affidavits state.

As of press time Monday, a bond and preliminary hearing conference for Wilson had not yet been set.