A warrant has been issued for a Stephens County resident after allegedly cashing a forged check, stolen from his former employer and attempting to cash a second. Both checks were passed through banks in Marlow in May, 2019.

Hunter Lee Jeans went to the Marlow Police Department on his own free will on May 15, 2019 according to an affidavit. After waiving his rights, he recounted that he had not stolen the checks, but admitted to having been the one who passed the check at the BancFirst Motor bank in Marlow after writing his name on the “Pay to order line,” receiving $1500.

Jeans then admitted that he had attempted to pass the second at the bank on Main Street in Marlow. He was unable to cash the second, because the bank had already been made aware that the checks were stolen and forged.

Once the interview between Jeans and the officers in the police department ended, Jeans left, and the victim was firm that he wanted to file charges against Jeans for passing stolen forged checks.

Jeans said that two men, who were also former employees of the victim, had given him the checks and asked him to cash them, according to an affidavit. 

Upon arrest, Jeans will appear before a magistrate and a bond will be set.