Casey Stephens

Casey Stephens

A man sits behind bars on charges of kidnapping after an incident Jan. 3.

According to court records, Casey Stephens is charged with kidnapping after a former felony conviction for forcibly seizing and confining individuals against their will with a knife, which is punishable for imprisonment by up to 20 years. After a former felony conviction, the crime carries a sentence of 20 years to life.

According to police reports, just after 10:15 p.m. Jan. 3, police responded to a call at 701 W. Pine for a barricaded subject with a knife.

Upon arrival, the victim told police Stephens was inside the apartment cutting himself and destroying items, reports state. The victim stated there were others in the apartment at the time.

Police stated in reports they moved closer to the apartment, where they could hear Stephens yelling and breaking items inside.

An officer was able to help one of the victims inside of the home escape through an open window. Officers then pushed a window air conditioning unit through a window, allowing them to see what was happening inside the apartment, reports state.

Police state once they could see inside, they spotted Stephens with a knife in his let hand. Stephens was commanded to drop the knife several times, and when he did not comply he was shot with a bean bag round in the upper front torso, reports state.

At that time, Stephens fell to the ground and crawled to a different room which was covered by a curtain. Reports state Stephens reappeared still with the knife in his hand, which resulted in him being shot a second time with a bean bag in the left arm which caused him to drop the knife.

Police then were able to breach the front door. Upon entering the home, police noticed several items had been broken and blood was all over the apartment. Stephens was treated at the scene and transported to Duncan Regional Hospital.

All subjects in the home were interviewed at the police station.

Interviews with the subjects suggested to police that Stephens showed up to the residence with his father, who asked for Stephens to retrieve some things, but when the door was opened, Stephens instead rushed in holding a knife and pinned a victim to a bed, reports state.

Victims advised Stephens straddled her on the bed, holding a knife a threatened to kill her. The victim was able to escape. Another victim told police Stephens came up behind him and held the knife to his throat. When the victim tried to call 911, Stephens threatened to kill him.

Others in the home were also able to escape through an open window.

Stephens bond is set at $250,000. He will appear in court for a preliminary hearing conference at 2 p.m. Feb. 20.