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A man Duncan Police arrested for public intoxication after complaints of him panhandling near Walmart now faces other felony charges after allegedly threatening and hitting detention officers and trying to spit on them.

Court records show Stefan O’Brien Smith is charged with assault and battery on a detention officer, as a prisoner placing body fluid on a state employee, for public intoxication as well as threatening to perform an act of violence.

Records show Duncan Police made the arrest after 6:18 p.m. Oct. 9 after they were dispatched to a call for a man wearing all black and panhandling in the parking lot of Walmart. When police arrived, they were first contacted by an employee who stated the man asked them for money before heading to McDonald’s. 

A second person then approached police and said the same man asked them for money twice and when they refused, he “slammed his head into the driver door of (their) truck,” reports state. The person told police they didn’t want to press charges but wanted police to check on the man.

Police later located the man near the drive thru line talking to drivers in their vehicles and when asked what he was doing, Smith told them he was trying to get his ID back from his cousin, but his cousin lives in Lawton.

When asked if he had been drinking, Smith told police he had one beer around 6 a.m. Police noticed while talking to Smith his questions weren’t making sense and performed standardized field sobriety tests on him.

Police put Smith in handcuffs and transported him for booking to the jail. When they arrived at the jail, Smith allegedly asked “where the weed at” and when law enforcement confirmed they smelled weed and asked if Smith smelled it, he said “no.”

Police also reported hearing Smith mumbling to himself a few times and when asked what he was saying, he wouldn’t tell officers.

During booking, Smith was instructed after they took cuffs off to turn around and put his hands on the wall. Police reports show when the left cuff came off, Smith allegedly turned and punched a detention officer in the jaw with a closed fist. Law enforcement attempted to use a pepper spray gun, but it did not fire, reports show. 

Once put back in the cuffs, detention officers and police asked for a restraint chair. While placing Smith in the chair, police say Smith allegedly threatened them by saying “I will kill you mother (expletive),” “I will stab you in the (expletive) head” and “When I get out of prison, I’m gonna shoot you in the (expletive) head with an AK-47.”

Smith then started to spit at police and detention officers and one of them observed a large puddle of spit on their left boot.

Smith was then put in a spit mask and detention nurses checked all officers involved.

Smith’s bond was set at $50,000 and his preliminary conference is set for 9 a.m. Nov. 20.

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