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Corbin Maddox donated some of his old toys to the Duncan Toy Shop.

Generosity comes in all forms and all ages. For Corbin Maddox, generosity came from his closet.

Maddox, 12, donated some of his old toys to the Duncan Toy Shop. He had planned on waiting to sell them at the World’s Largest Garage Sale, but saw there was a need in the community for toys.

“I’ve heard that kids need stuff that they won’t get for Christmas,” Maddox said. “They need to know the feeling of Christmas.

The Duncan Middle School sixth-grader donated a variety of toys, from action figures to stuffed animals. He said the toys he was donating were some of the things he enjoyed playing with when he was younger and he wanted to share that enjoyment with other children who may not get many toys for Christmas otherwise.

He donated two boxes filled with toys.

“It’s a lot of fun stuff,” Maddox said.

Honor Vaughn, Toy Shop volunteer, said a lot of children will benefit from Maddox’s generosity. The Toy Shop, which is a non-profit organization, gives toys to families who wouldn’t have a Christmas otherwise.

Every child helped by the Toy Shop will get about $40 worth of toys. During pre-registration, about 280 families signed up for help. More are expected during the current registration period, which goes through Dec. 13.

“Not very many children are prone to do that,” Vaughn said. “It takes a lot of nerve for those kids.”

She said generosity sometimes appears to be a learned trait, which children can learn from their parents, other adults and even their peers. Most children who give do so because their parents volunteer or donate, Vaughn said.

Although she doesn’t know Maddox’s family, she said his parents most likely have encouraged generosity.

“His parents have done something right,” Vaughn said.

Maddox’s spirit of giving isn’t just kept to his donation to the Duncan Toy Shop. When he becomes an adult, he wants to continue to help others by becoming a firefighter.

In fact, that’s been his dream job for as long as he can remember.

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