Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell

Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell speaks to people in attendance at the Simmons Center for the third of four tourism summits he is holding to promote the State of Oklahoma.

As part of his four stop Lt. Governor Tourism Summits, Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell spoke about the importance of tourism for the state while answering some questions in a town hall format.

This is the third of four stops he has made on this series beginning with McAlester and Woodward and will finish up in Claremore as he visits with community members from Southwest Oklahoma.

Pinnell, who was elected as Lieutenant Governor back in November of 2016, spoke for 30 minutes about the importance of tourism in the State of Oklahoma.

Speaking in length about plans he has accomplished in his early tenure as lieutenant governor, Pinnell said these events help him learn what the citizens are looking for to meet tourism standards.

“What we are trying to accomplish with these meetings is to really empower local communities to be better at doing tourism in their towns which means they are going to create more sales tax revenue for their cities,” Pinnell said. “I really want to do a whole lot more in my position as lieutenant governor for communities to help them with best practices and trainings with there being a whole lot more than just four of these four regional tourism summits.”

Pinnell spoke to members of the audience answering their questions. One of the questions was about implementing a new motto for the state of Oklahoma.

Answering the question, Pinnell stated that he and the tourism department are looking at the first quarter of 2020 to roll out the new motto and looks on the state website.

“With an Oklahoma branding campaign, our past, our heritage and our history is unmatched. There is not another state that could match our heritage and our history,” Pinnell said. “Some of that has to play in the new brand in the state, but we also want to be pushing towards the future as well. So it is combining the past and the future into whatever that new brand is, but I think it will help with uniform branding throughout all of our government agencies and projecting a positive brand around the country and around the world.”

Local agencies took part in the half day activities put on by the Duncan Convention and Visitors Bureau and provided speakers speaking about education on how to promote tourism.

With one more summit happening later this month in Claremore, Pinnell said that he has already heard some good ideas from the citizens and is happy to talk about making Oklahoma a top state.

“The feedback we get is if there are products that the department of tourism has that could help communities,” Pinnell said. “Whether it is how to fill an application for a new sign and our tourism development act, which is a rebate that you get on construction part of building, a tourism attraction which is being more visible with those things that could be asset in communities that can help them.”

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