Joslin Lockhart holds up the candy and money she raised for Mrs. Jami Cole and her husband who is battling cancer as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where people show their love for someone special, but one Horace Mann Elementary teacher got a gift from one of her students that made her cry happy tears.

Mrs. Jami Cole, a third grade teacher, was starting her holiday out with the students handing out cards and candy when Joslin Lockhart handed over a baggie of candy for her and a gift for Mrs. Cole’s husband hidden in the bag.

Her husband, Duncan High School Art and Media Teacher, Drew Cole was diagnosed with cancer a year ago this past weekend and Cole was blown away by the gesture from Lockhart.

“This morning all of the kids were bringing up their Valentine’s gifts they had gotten me and exchanging Valentine’s and stuff,” Cole said. “Joslin brought up a huge bag full of candy and she said this is for you Mrs. Cole and I said, ‘oh my gosh, thank you’. She said, ‘Well there is something for Mr. Cole at the bottom,’ and I said ‘I am not sharing my candy with him Joslin.’ She started laughing and said ‘No, Mrs. Cole just look at the bottom.’”

Cole then started to take the candy out of the bag and saw another baggie of nearly $500. She said Lockhart had been going door-to-door since November selling candy to raise money for Mr. Cole.

Once she saw the money, Mrs. Cole didn’t know what to say and sat at her desk and cried, taken back by the gesture.

“I didn’t know what to say. I just sat at my desk and cried because I was just overwhelmed that this 8 or 9 year old little third grade girl who literally every day after school does basketball and I know she does karate and everything else she is involved with, she literally went door to door selling candy and taking donations to help my husband. It is pretty amazing.”

After reflecting about some of the lessons she has taught her students, Mrs. Cole said Joslin is one of those kids that was raised by great parents and credited them for bringing up Joslin.

“It caught me completely off guard. I didn’t even know she was doing it and it was a complete surprise. She did it out of the goodness of her own heart,” Cole said. “This girl -- she did it as a servant’s heart, just the kindness, and she has never met Mr. Cole. We talk everyday in my classroom about kids who can be heroes, the differences kids can make and showing kindness to others. I really push that a lot in my classroom. She must have parents who are amazing people that they raised somebody who would do that. I don’t feel worthy of it. As an adult I don’t know if I would get out and do something like that for a stranger. To give up my evenings and things like that to go do something like that. It is just incredible.”

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