A rural Stephens County man pleaded guilty Thursday, Feb. 5, to a federal counts of manufacturing of methamphetamine and possession with the intent to distribute.

William Jefferson Turner, 45, will be sentenced within 90 days, U.S. Attorney’s Office Public Information Officer Bob Troester said.

“He faces no less than five and no more than 40 years in prison,” Troester said.

“He also faces up to a $2 million fine.”

Turner was charged in relation to an execution of a search warrant on his rural residence Oct. 11, 2007, that was suspected to be a large meth lab.

At the time, Turner was arrested and placed in Stephens County Jail because of the magnitude of evidence found. State felony charges were eventually dropped and Turner was released from jail because of the pending federal case. Duncan police and deputies from the Stephens County Sheriff’s Department assisted federal authorities in the case. This is part of an on-going federal investigation.

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