Sick leave for the Velma town employees could become an important issue for the Velma Board of Trustees.

Board members briefly discussed and approved a few changes to the Velma Personnel Manual in a section regarding sick leave at Tuesday’s regular meeting. The alterations included switching the word “supervisor” to “board of trustees or department head” because many Velma employees don’t necessarily have a supervisor.

At the March 13 meeting, members had talked about making a resolution that could call for employees to take no more than 120 hours of sick leave per year. But during Tuesday’s meeting, any plans for a resolution were postponed.

Mayor Wayne Wright said the trustees needed to sit down and have a long discussion before a resolution could be put together. And with two members, Monte Tadlock and Winston Dumas, absent from Tuesday’s meeting, the board decided no discussion could take place on the resolution.

The topic switched from possibly creating a resolution to the discussion of sick leave for Officer Dana Adams of the Velma Police Department. Adams hadn’t immediately notified her supervisor, Chief Randy Whipple, after her doctor had advised her to take two weeks off work.

Because of the delayed notification, Adams was told to use vacation time if she wanted to get paid for having the two weeks off.

Wright made a motion to retract the directive making the officer use vacation time and to insert the wording of sick leave because she had presented a doctor’s note.

Apparently, none of the present members agreed with Wright. Vice Mayor Jean Williams and Pete Hall, trustee, did not second the motion and the motion failed.

In other action:

n The Velma Town Pool will open June 1.

Williams said the town needed to start advertising in the newspaper for lifeguards.

Board members set the interview and hiring date for lifeguards for April 24 to allow time for training before the pool opens.

n Deborah Christian, town clerk, was approved to go for her last hours of Municipal Clerk and Treasurer Certification Training. The training will take place April 19 in Lawton. Christian’s mileage and meal will be paid for by the town.

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