Wet roads were not a deterrent for participants at the Stampede 5K Run/Walk, Saturday morning in Duncan. Walkers and runners alike converged at the Simmons Center to begin the race which ended back at the starting location.

Marlow’s Corey Holland took the overall win with a time of 18:11. He was ten seconds over the second place finisher who was 22 years his junior.

Norman’s Parker Bowles finished second with a time of 18:21. Bowles was the top-finisher in the 13-15 age division.

Duncan’s Valentina Acosta completed the race in 18:35. She finished in third place overall, and first place in the women’s division.

Angela Ingram finished second in female open, while Marlow’s Tara Davies was third. Davies crossed the finish line in 22:24. Marlow’s Courtney Cook was fourth with a time of 24:49. Cook who is 12 years old, won first place in the female open’s 1-12 age bracket.

Marlow’s Cody Cook was fourth in the male open with a time of 20:01. Cook was first place in the 16-19 age group.

Ben Ivory of Marlow was first in the 1-12 males open bracket, finishing in 34:58.

In the walking events, Duncan residents were the dominent participants.

Melia Thomas won the female divison walk with a time of 39:40. She walked at a pace of 7:56 per mile. Natilie Brand of Duncan finished second while Duncan’s Diane Snider won third. The walkers were tightly grouped as Brand finished in 40:48, while Snider crossed the line at 40:57.

Bill Robinson of Duncan won the overall walk with a time of 38.14. Greg Kirby and Matthew Crook finished two- three.

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