Although it was a rodeo by name, the event didn’t imitate the well-known rodeo competitions.

The Red River Ranch Roundup Rodeo was held Saturday and Sunday at Claud Gill Arena.

The rodeo served as a fundraiser for the boosters of the Duncan agriculture program. Money raised will be used for scholarships.

This was the fifth year the boosters sponsored the event. It was originally a fundraiser for law enforcement and has been around for about 14 years.

Roger Mallory, coordinator, said, “All events at the ranch rodeo are things that would be faced on a ranch.”

The event included moving a specific number of cattle into a pen, bronco riding, wild cow milking, branding and acting as a cattle doctor.

About 75 people, who made up 15 teams, competed in the rodeo events. The teams represented many local towns, including Duncan, Marlow, Velma, Comanche, Bray, Empire, Loco, Rush Springs and Waurika.

In some of the events, like the getting the cattle into the pen and the wild cow milking, the teams were assigned numbers, which correlated to numbers posted on the cows.

Erin Fortenberry of Velma competed in the wild cow milking competition with her group. She was given the duty of roping the team’s cow.

She said her teammate and she had been raised around ranches and enjoyed the activities that went with it.

“I like everything about it,” she said.

Although she said she liked everything about ranching, she said she was most passionate about roping.

“Not many women rope,” Fortenberry said. “I team rope normally. It’s my hobby. And not many women do it.

“If I’m going to do it, I’m going to be good.”

In addition to the rodeo events, several chuck wagon groups had a cookout with special permission because of the burn ban in Stephens County. Among other things, the groups cooked biscuits, tortillas and even wild boar.

“It’s kind of like a reunion anymore,” Mallory said. “I like the fellowship. It’s kind of like a reunion for me too, even though I organize it. I like getting all these guys back here.”

He said the cookout has begun to see an increase in chuck wagons over the years.

“More and more people go out and buy chuck wagons to be a part of it,” Mallory said. “Some buy more modern ones with rubber wheels, but some go with the ’20s models.”

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