An increase in annual lake lot leases might not be the main concern of the lot renters. Instead, their concerns may be more about the need for improvements.

Duncan Lakes Commission discussed increasing the rates, during Tuesday’s regular meeting. And 13 lot renters attended the meeting to discuss the possible increase and to discuss the need for improvements.

The board talked about why an increase in rates was necessary.

Board member Noel Reeves said, “Basically, the leases don’t pay for the trash right now.”

The last lease increase was in 1996, when the rent went up to $200. Previously, the rate was $90 in 1994 and $145 in 1995.

Lake residents said their main concern wasn’t the increase but the need for more people coming to the lakes.

Resident Jack Anderson said, “We’re trying to bring more people to the lakes. A lot of people our there don’t want to see them rundown.”

Anderson said he realized the budget for the City of Duncan would have some difficulty in fitting in some of the issues at the lakes.

“With the flooding out there and the fires the year before, it’s (the budget) got to be tight,” he said. “We want to make them (the lakes) more attractive.”

Public Works Director Scott Vaughn said the money received from the lot leases doesn’t add much to the budget because the funds go toward the lots’ functions, including trash collection.

“None of the cabin lease rates cover any of that,” Vaughn said. “Less than a 10th of that budget is covered by those leases.

“Cabin lease appropriations don’t even cover operations.”

Board member Fred Paramore said the Lakes Commission is constantly working toward improving the lakes, and the residents should attend the meetings to discuss their concerns.

Anderson said many of the lot renters would be willing to help the commission bring people to the lakes.

“I think all of us would be open to a suggestion on how we, as a neighborhood, could help out,” he said.

Another item members discussed was renewing the Tract 15 grazing lease.

Vaughn said, “I haven’t done much on this item since the last meeting.”

Because of a lack of information, the board tabled the motion until the next meeting.

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