While many people will be hitting the roads during Labor Day weekend, some will be hitting the lakes instead.

Scott Vaughn, public works director, said, “People are probably going to the lakes because of the fun they’ll have in the water, or camping with family and friends.

“They probably like spending time outdoors.”

Vaughn said he expected an increase of people at the lakes this weekend because it is a holiday weekend.

“I would expect more people this weekend compared to the rest of August,” he said. “The lakes will usually have more people during the holidays than any other time of year.”

He said the Fourth of July and Memorial Day were two other holidays that people seemed to enjoy spending at the lakes. He said Labor Day might draw a large crowd because it is the end of summer and might be the last opportunity for some people to spend at the lakes this year.

Jerry Bewley, Clear Creek Lake concessionaire, said he didn’t expect the lakes to be full during the weekend.

“We haven’t had as many people as we usually do,” Bewley said. “Usually around this time, we’re about half full. This year, we’re not even a third full.”

He said three reasons fewer people were coming to the lakes were gas prices, low lake levels and school being in session.

Gas prices have dropped 30 cents per gallon this month. Last year, gas prices were nearly $3 per gallon.

Vaughn said there were many activities people can pursue at the lakes during the weekend.

“It varies,” he said. “It depends on the lake.”

Of the lakes, he said Clear Creek Lake is popular for water skiing and camping. Lake Humphreys is also popular for camping but it is also a big on fishing. Lake Fuqua is also a favorite place for fishing.

But Duncan Lake has the largest variety of activities, he said, including horseback riding, disc golf and fishing. People who are members of the archery club or the gun club can participate in club activities at the lake. Duncan Lake also offers jet skiing.

“We relaxed the rules at Duncan Lake a few years ago,” Vaughn said. “But it hasn’t really caught on with the jet skiers yet.”

Swimming is also available at the lakes, except for Lake Humphreys. Swimming areas are designated and usually include within 50 feet of the shore and in buoyed areas.

Many of the activities at the lakes do require permits, which can be purchased at the lake concessions. Without these permits, it is illegal to go fishing, boating, skiing, tubing and mountain biking on the trails.

Despite the requirement of permits, he said there were always a lot of people who spend Labor Day weekend at the lakes, and he said he expected many people were at the lakes already.

“They usually come a little bit before and leave a little bit after,” Vaughn said.

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