With the mapping of Stephens County phase completed, the Stephens County Commissioners approved the final payment on that element of the E911 project, during Monday’s regular meeting.

Duncan Police Lt. Robert Lynn, who is the Duncan dispatch supervisor, led the discussion on the payment to Visual Lease Services. He noted, “One payment has already been made in the amount of $14,000.”

Lynn said the company had left out a section of Duncan residences. When this was corrected, about 85 properties were added to the map, which came with a $14,000 charge.

Lynn held off on having the mapping project paid off to make sure both the county and the City of Duncan were happy with the mapping result. Lynn said he and County E911 Director Mark Suson had found some misspelled roads and roads that were named improperly.

But they determined the map was adequate enough and the corrections would be made, so Lynn endorsed making the payment.

“It will be a continual thing,” he said. “There are going to be additions.”

The city and the county E911 services are operational and just about everything has been completed on the project.

“All the bills have been finalized except for this one,” Lynn said. He added that it is important for the county and the city to be aware of the mapping progress.

In other action, the commissioners:

- Received bid specifications from one company for 13 different chemical herbicides the county may need for Districts 2 and 3. The lone bidder was Comanche Seed and Green.

- Appointed Dee Bowen, District 3 commissioner, to serve as a representative on the Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments Board of Trustees. This will be Bowen’s third consecutive time to be the commissioner representative on the ASCOG board.

- Approved a transfer of appropriations within the Sheriff Grant Fund.

- Approved the capital outlay purchase for March, and the notice of employee appointment and terminations.

- Approved minutes from a March 26 meeting, the payment of any purchase orders and the issuance of any blanket purchase orders.

The board did not receive any county utility permit requests.

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