By Derrick Miller

MARLOW — The sidewalks in Marlow may be improving because of a proposal accepted Tuesday at the Marlow City Council meeting.

The council approved an application to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for TEA-21 funds for sidewalk construction on two to three blocks. To get the funds, the city will have to match 25 percent, which is equivalent to about $100,000.

Board members recommended submitting three blocks for the resolution, which will take two years to complete.

If the funds are gained, the city will be able to look for construction crews to do the work as soon as January. The members discussed the block along Main Street between First and Second streets.

Janice Cain, city manager, said she had one concern with the sidewalk construction.

“The bad thing is you won’t have consistency along Main Street,” Cain said.

In other action:

• The council discussed having Cain attend an auction today for the old Marlow City Hall building, which the members said had historical value.

Mayor Don Graham said, “It seems to me that we do have an interest, and we need to make an appearance.”

If purchased, the building would need to be made handicap-accessible by changing the restrooms, and adding an elevator and a wheelchair ramp.

• The board approved purchasing office furniture for no more than $6,000 from the Oklahoma Correctional Industries.

Cain said the furniture would be used for the renovations at City Hall and would include moveable walls to divide departments.

Because the purchase would be from a state agency, no bids were needed.

• Members approved donating property at 317-319 W. Main to the Marlow Economic Development Authority.

Cain said, “This is the lot that we tore down the building.”

The city will have to create a deed of some sort for the lot.

• The council approved a bid for an upgrade of the 12-inch waterline in the 400 block of South Second Street.

The bid was awarded to Low Plumbing for $3,200 because it was the lowest and best bid received.

• A bid was also awarded for the waterfield access road.

“The road needs some work in some places,” Cain said.

The board awarded the bid to Sparks Construction for $4,750.

• Members also approved entering into a contract with Wichita On-line Inc. to allow the company to rent space on top of the city’s water tower to put a high-speed Internet antenna on the tower.

“It would be an advantage for people in rural areas,” Cain said.

Rural areas are unable to get a cable connection, among other Internet services.

The company will rent space on the water tower for $150 per month for the next four years before the city will renegotiate the contract.

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