It was time to refine the goals and prepare for the next Dream Duncan’s Destiny meeting for the steering committee this week.

The fifth meeting of the community process begins at 6 p.m. Monday in the Simmons Center, with the task of drafting action steps to tackle these objectives and ensure the goals drafted by the citizens are met.

The steering committee meeting was the latest step in the initiative that has drawn some 100-plus citizens who are committed “to making Duncan a better place to live.”

With a target of doing just that over the next five years, citizens have outlined a community profile, established common values, crafted a vision statement for each segment of that profile, and created goals for each vision category.

Each session, residents have selected a table when they arrive with one of the profile headings — city government, drug-free community, education, social values, health, economic development, tourism, and facilities and activities.

Those groups created a set of goals for each area and then last month offered suggestions that would more broadly define what the community wanted to see happen.

The steering committee’s work to refine those goals resulted in the following:

Drug-Free – To be a safe and drug-free community.

City Government – To have leadership that creates and supports a progressive city infrastructure.

Economic Development – To be a diverse, pro-business economy that attracts investment in the community.

Health – To be a well-informed and healthy community for all ages.

Facilities/Activities – To have and support diverse activities and physically, economically and socially accessible facilities.

Tourism – To be the destination of choice in Oklahoma.

Social Values – To be a community that cares for all citizens.

Education – To be a community that encourages and provides educational opportunities for all individuals to reach their maximum potential.

A list of tentative goal leaders was drawn up and they will be supported by a group of objective “owners.” Those owners will be in charge of their respective objectives.

Creating and fine-tuning those objectives is the main thrust of the upcoming Monday meeting.

The action plan that will be drafted at the Monday meeting should be “challenging but realistic,” noted Jodi Lewis with Oklahoma Community Institute, which has been assisting the DDD group from its inception.

“And they must be tied to a target date for completion.”

Those who attend the Monday meeting will have worksheets listing the action steps, in order of priority, to accomplish the goals listed. The sheets will also outline what resources are already available and what will be needed, as well as the person or people responsible (the objective owners) for making it happen.

“This meeting is just the start of moving you toward your future,” summed up Lewis.

“We want everyone to attend,” said Steering Committee Co-Chair Don Gooch. “That includes anyone who has been to one of the meetings but also anyone who has an interest in our community.

“You can still be involved in the process, even if this is the first meeting you will be able to attend.”

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