From a process that began in July, Dream Duncan’s Destiny continues.

At that first meeting in 2006, a citizens’ group met to launch a community-wide city effort that would produce improvements in a wide range of areas for both today and for the future.

The goal was to reach out to all citizens and ensure agreement on the community’s priorities.

The Oklahoma Community Institute, fresh off similar efforts in Chickasha, Pauls Valley and Norman, continues to provide the guidance for the group. The OCI is a private, non-profit organization created through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce as part of the state’s five-year economic development plan.

OCI assists communities throughout Oklahoma in developing a long-range vision and plan, as well as helping identify those individuals from within the community to participate in the process of implementing those ideas.

A series of public meetings took place Aug. 28, Sept. 25, Oct. 16, Nov. 6 and Dec. 4 at the Simmons Center.

Each month, a group of some 100 citizens met to outline a community profile, establish common values, craft a vision statement for each segment of that profile, and then a list of objectives for each vision category.

During each session, residents discussed what they set as the key profile categories: City government, a drug-free community, education, social values, health, economic development, tourism, and facilities and activities.

After a round-table discussion, they settled on their responses, which were then shared with everyone in attendance.

September’s forum featured a battery of surveys and city comparisons with similar communities.

Citizens identified gaps between their vision and today’s “current reality.”

In October, tackling concerns over communication, transportation, facilities, crime, housing, streets, literacy, economic challenges, and business and industrial diversity, residents outlined a list of goals to bridge those gaps.

In November, they offered suggestions on refining the goals and an initial list of objectives.

In December, the groups firmed up the objectives and crafted action plans to meet those objectives. Goal leaders were also announced.

Goal leaders, steering committee members, and objective leaders will meet to review the action steps, chart their progress and communicate those efforts with the entire group.

Anyone wishing more information can contact the DDD steering committee co-chairs, Don Gooch at 255-7121 or Toby Baldwin at 251-9995.

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