Comanche police officer Tom Arnold was tapped to serve the City of Comanche as city manager.

Arnold was selected to fill the position left void when Brant Ball retired from the post. Comanche City Clerk/Treasurer Cheryl Johnson served as interim city manager during the selection process.

“After careful consideration of the many factors involved in the operations of municipal government and the ideas and goals I have for the city, in addition to being a dedicated and goal-oriented person, I made the decision to pursue this career path,” Arnold said.

Arnold considers his ability to communicate as one of his greatest assets.

“I possess the ability to communicate well with the public, engineers, contractors and staff,” Arnold said. “I have strong grant writing abilities, also. I am a goal-oriented person and a leader.”

Looking forward, the City of Comanche is facing a few hurdles, from wastewater repairs to power issues. Arnold believes improving Comanche’s infrastructure is imperative to its growth.

“It’s my goal to provide the residents of Comanche with quality services with respect to power, water, wastewater, fire protection and police protection,” Arnold said. “I am working on plans to revitalize many areas of the city to bring forth economic growth that will benefit everyone.

“There are so many areas that deserve equal attention. For example, by improving the power and water distribution it will have a significant positive impact on the entire community.”

 Johnson, who filled the post for nearly a month, believes Arnold will flourish in his new role.

“I’ve known Tom for several years and he’s got some really, really good ideas for the City of Comanche,” Johnson said.

“I really look forward to working with him to help the city grow.”

Overall, Arnold feels he is ready for the task at hand.

“I love forward to serving the community in this capacity,” Arnold said.

“I will put forth every effort to move the City of Comanche forward.”

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