The Chisholm Trail Arts Council will be holding its annual Arts Explosion summer camp for kids starting Monday and it will last until Friday.

At 8:15 Monday morning, CTAC executive director Leena Frace said the more than 70 children attending the camp will receive their schedules for the week as to which order they will attend classes each day. Frace said this year they are offering drawing classes taught by Robby McMurtry of Moore, pottery classes taught by Dan Hazel of Marlow, tye-dye classes taught by Dora Obuobisa of Moore and two forms of dance class, hip-hop and ballet, both taught by Amy Wopsle of Duncan.

“All of these teachers have jobs related to what they do here,” Frace said. “And all of them have graduate degrees in their respective fields.”

Frace also said all of the teachers have previously taught at the Arts Explosion minus Wopsle.

As well as most of the teachers, Frace said several of the participating children are returning, many of which are the next generation of previous people who have attended the camp.

“We’re celebrating 20 years now,” Frace said. “So we’re starting to see second generations of families that participated in the camp before.”

Many of the children attending are from the local area, but Frace said there are children coming from out of state, and even from out of the country.

“We have one grandmother who is putting her fifth grandchild through Arts Explosion,” Frace said. “However it’s her last one to qualify, but she still has grandchildren that volunteer every year.”

There are several other grandparents that sign up their grandchildren to visit each year and attend the workshop. Those from out of state come from as far away as Arizona, and from out of the country, as far away as France.

Frace said even though the children eventually age out of the program, many of them still volunteer to come help and participate.

“They all say how much art has touched their lives and that they make friends with the teachers each year and can contact them whenever they want,” Frace said.

She said this is the biggest childrens event that CTAC puts on each year and that there aren’t any other arts camps that she knows of in the area. She also said that 70 children is a good number, but they can allow up to 90 participants in the event.

“For the last two years we’ve been flat on our numbers,” Frace said. “But we would really like to add teachers and classes rather than subtract them. But everyone should enjoy it.”

— Kevin Kerr is a reporter for The Duncan Banner. He can be reached at 580-255-5354 Ext. 147 or by e-mail at

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