A Special Response Team nabbed an alleged methamphetamine dealer from his home in east Duncan Friday following an investigation by the District Attorney’s special investigators.

The man, James Clarence Rosser, 46, will face three counts of distribution, and investigators anticipate a charge of possession with intent to distribute will be included based on what they reportedly found while searching his home after the arrest.

DA drug task force investigator Justin Scott said there is no evidence Rosser was manufacturing methamphetamine, but believes he was instead getting it from another city or perhaps Mexico. The actual street name of the drug is called “Ice.”

While not as glamorous as busting drug traffickers or high-level manufacturers, Scott emphasized the importance of the arrest by pointing out that most new users start their addictions by getting the drug from street-level dealers.

“I consider this level of dealer to be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than (drug) traffickers,” Scott said. “The chances of someone’s child purchasing directly from a trafficker are real slim. They would likely get it from a street-level dealer.”

Based upon their investigation of Rosser, Scott said the drug task force knew he would be home at the time of the arrest. He and his supervisor, Carey Rouse, asked for the help of the SRT unit, which is made up of members of the Duncan police force who specialize in such high-risk operations.

Friday’s operation had the additional inconvenience of taking place during a heavy rain causing a slippery surface issue. But the team, heavily armed and outfitted with body armor, had the search warrant served and the arrest made within a matter of seconds. “They’re there for us every time we call,” Scott said. “And we know they’ll do a good job.”

Scott and Rouse searched the home after Rosser was taken away. Scott said they found a large plastic bag containing portioned amounts of what was believed to be methamphetamine hidden above the kitchen ceiling.

He said Rosser was cooperative and even walked them through the house to point out his hiding place. Otherwise, Scott said it may have taken several hours to find it.

He also said that based on the same investigation used in finding Rosser, more arrests are likely.

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