Kathy Barton, a Woodrow Wilson first grade teacher, was named as the Volunteer of the Year by the Attorney General for her volunteer work at The Safe Center — previously known as Women’s Haven. The Safe Place provides education, resources and support for all people who are victims of domestic violence.

Kathy volunteers 40 to 50 hours a week answering the victim hotline. Through the hotline, people can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for information, help and support. Serving in this role, Kathy selflessly volunteers to answer the phone two to three nights a week and every other weekend. Kathy was touched the staff of The Safe Place thought so highly of her and the quality of her work.

Kathy has been teaching for almost 30 years. Currently, she works at a Veterinary Clinic in the evenings after teaching all day. She is dedicated to

making the community a better place, to giving back after all the support she received when fighting cancer.

When Kathy learned she had won the award, she was shocked. She was honored to be able to help with such significant work. The award changed her perspective. When she learned she won it, she realized how appreciated she was and wanted to work even harder to support all victims. She hopes to bring awareness to the community about domestic violence. She is actively working to remove the stigma associated with it. She wants the victims to be able to find help, to know they are not alone.

She is honored to support such a great staff. Together, they are all making the community a better place. The Safe Place is a United Way agency. Currently, United Way is raising money for it’s annual campaign.

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