Flores brothers

The Flores brothers Diego, left, Dason and Joseus are selling lemonade as part of Dason’s personal mission to raise $1000 for victims of hurricane Dorian.

Shelly Flores said she is “absolutely” proud of her son Dason Flores, a second grader who is selling lemonade to raise money to help the victims of hurricane Dorian.

“We were sitting at the table eating a family dinner Monday night. We had been talking about it and watching it and he said he wanted to raise money for them and just said a lemonade stand,” she said.

Dason will be in front of the family’s restaurant at 213 W. Main in Marlow from 4 to 7 p.m. during the weekdays, and all day Saturday with the help of his big brothers Diego and Joseus. Dason will be selling lemonade until he hits his goal of $1,000.

Shelly was grateful for all the support.

“An elderly lady came up and emptied out her little piggy bank and gave us all that was in there and was in tears,” she said.

Also, Shelly was glad her sons have been watching and learning.

“We have always fed the homeless, gave coats or whatever to the ones on the side of the road and have the kids give it to them,” she said. “We have them pick out a family off the angel tree every year to teach them and it looks like they have been paying attention.”

The family is also collecting items like water and hygiene products to help as well.

“If we get enough we are gonna head down ourselves to deliver the money, water, hygiene items etc. after work so people can bring anything to the restaurant that they would like to send,” she said.

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