Thomas Ryan Krech

Thomas Ryan Krech

Thomas Ryan Krech, a Tennessee man who went on a spree of threatening note drops, two of which were in Stephens County, is now in custody according to Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

“He’s in custody and right now we are in the process of preparing the formal charges to have him returned to Stephens County. We are doing that as we speak,” he said. “People can rest easier now.”

Krech had left letters at homes and churches in several areas from Tennessee to Texas and predominantly in Oklahoma in Deer Creek and North Oklahoma City.

McKinney said one from Krech was left in the Bray area and another in Stephens County at Hilltop Church of God. 

Letters left behind included threats of "rape" by his “angels.”

“He was doing some very harsh threatening – in today's times we’re going to take it seriously,” McKinney said.

The Sheriff also said Krech wasn’t known for robbery.

“First of all he’s not robbing anybody,” he said. “I don’t know anything about out by Clear Creek, at least nothing has been reported to us yet.” 

Charlene Belew contributed to this report 

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