Laying down on one of the blankets, Kora had a lipstick imprint from the many kisses she got from the Court Clerk’s office during Take Out Tuesday.

We have had our fair share of big puppies, but this week for Take out Tuesday here at The Banner we had Kora the couch explorer join us and she showed the personality of someone who likes to stay home.

Kora, a three year old Corgi mix breed, came to the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS) with her litter of puppies who have since all been adopted and now the momma is looking for her forever home.

At the SCHS, the staff was eager for us to change it up a little and take this wonderful small dog on an outing away.

Once we got to The Banner, some of my family came with the special cheeseburgers treat, but we soon realized that Kora probably didn’t need two cheeseburgers with as small as she is. We found out that instead of buying multiple burgers for our guest, we ended up supplying Skylar, our intern, and Charlene, one of our reporters, a small lunch since Kora didn’t need two.

Realizing she was full, Kora decided to stop eating and she started to play with my nephew and niece who were visiting.

Kora does play with children and we think she also can do well with any rope toy. She started to drag the toy around on the floor, however, she made a point to be real gentle while playing with the kids around.

Once the commotion had settled, we found that Kora loved a good couch or something soft to lay on as she found a blanket and our couch to take a small nap on.

Not wanting to leave the Stephens County Courthouse out from our weekly visit, we decided to take Kora on the leash to see how she did.

We quickly learned that Kora would much rather be the type of dog that is an accessory rather than walking on a leash so we decided to spoil her just a little bit and carry her over to the Courthouse.

We noticed that around new people and new places she gets a little shy and scared, but once she warms up, Kora is someone who doesn’t mind new people.

It was clear that Kora didn’t want anything else to eat, even a treat, as she would try a bite but then spit it out after realizing she didn’t need any more food.

When we headed over to the Court Clerk’s office, the ladies began to look down for a big dog and didn’t see one at first but then they looked up and saw me carrying Kora into the room. All work that was taking place came to a screeching halt when Kora came through the door, but she again was a little timid of her surroundings.

Realizing that the ladies of the court clerk’s office were just giving love and happiness, Kora started to open up and even got a few kisses, which left some lip stick on the top of her head.

Upon returning to our office, Kora met our Advertising Director’s daughter who loves coming to visit on Tuesday’s. Kora, after making her new friend, rested the remainder of our visit until it was time to go back to the SCHS.

After spending a few hours with Kora Tuesday, we feel she would make a wonderful addition to someone’s family.

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