Flower with new owner

Being walked by her potential new owner, Flower enjoys walks on a leash and is currently on a sleepover after being our guest for Take Out Tuesday.

Every week we have a visitor for Take Out Tuesday, but Flower may have found herself a family during our visit to the Stephens County Courthouse.

Flower is a two-year old mix who has been with the Stephens County Humane Society for a week and is as sweet as any of our visitors.

Our staff fell in love with Flower when she came in the door. We quickly noticed that she knew several commands and is treat motivated while wanting the occasion belly rub.

Noticing that she needed some good food, we made sure to get her a nice treat, we got three cheeseburgers instead of the normal two. We all noticed Flower behaving very sweetly and is a gentle eater. She also caught more than 20 bites of cheeseburger.

As we entered into the mid-afternoon, we took our normal weekly trip to the Stephens County Courthouse where we got the best lead to date on a potential new home for one of the dogs.

Going into the District Attorney’s office, Flower got some treats and then we headed over to the Court Clerk’s office to show her off and see what kind of treats we could get.

Flower showed love to the ladies in the office and we had someone convinced to make a call to find this lovely dog a home.

Upon leaving the second floor, the ladies of the Court Clerk’s office motioned for us to come back in and asked very nicely if we could take Flower over to one of the worker’s moms house.

We picked up another reporter and headed over to the house to show off Flower and she impressed the home owner.

Getting a chance to go in the backyard, Flower was able to run around and learn about the yard that she could be potentially call home and continued to show off, to win her over.

As we discussed options, I told her that the Stephens County Humane Society always has specials and also can do sleepovers to see if the fit was there to adopt.

Calling the Humane Society, we discussed how to arrange the sleepover and finalizing the sleepover, the new potential owner seemed to enjoy the company of Flower and selfishly we are hoping for an adoption.

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