Ava looked up with a big smile on her face while our reporter, Linda Provost, held up a piece of a juicy cheeseburger.

Returning this week’s Take Out Tuesday guest to the Stephens County Humane Society was somber, as usual, but we also knew that she had left behind enough of her fur for us to build a pup of our own.

Ava, a 5-year-old 80 lb German shepherd mix, a sweetheart, was one of the most active guests we’ve had since I’ve been with The Banner. On the way back from the Humane Society, we stopped at the local McDonald’s to grab a couple juicy cheeseburgers for lunch.


Something about that brown paper bag told Ava that it was for her, and though she never dared so much as to nip at it while it sat in the car or hung at our hips when walking, she wouldn’t take her nose off of it.

We quickly discovered that Ava tries her best to be a gentle eater, taking small chunks of her lunch out of my fingers without even touching my skin, but every couple of bites would apparently smell extra good, and she would get a bit more excited.

Even still, she knew that she had to sit still and wait to get any, and it didn’t take much at all for us to get her fluffy tail on the floor. 

After the burgers, some of the younger kids came into the office to meet our new friend, and they were so taken with her, Ava didn’t leave their sides for the rest of the day. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was the fourth wheel on their date to the courthouse.

Ava was as sweet and happy as ever walking in the front doors and even riding on the elevator. The courthouse was crowded this Tuesday, so she got to meet a few new people on the short elevator ride, and they couldn’t take their eyes off her. She was very well-behaved on her leash and sat on the floor whenever we weren’t moving.

Unfortunately, because the courthouse was so busy, the trip was pretty short, but we managed to say hi to the ladies in the District Attorney’s Office and the County Clerk’s Office, none of whom could keep their amusement at her stocky but fluffy build quiet.

This prompted another rousing game of Guess the Breed. At the moment the winning vote is for corgi when it comes to the shepherd’s other half, mostly for her fluffy behind and short legs.

After the courthouse excursion, I admit I didn’t see much of Ava, as she stuck to the kids like glue while they paraded her around the building, running and playing and having a blast both inside and out.

She eventually wound down and came back into the newsroom to relax with a couple more treats and a soft spot to lay down on.

The car ride back to the Humane Society was as quiet and calm as the car ride from before, as she lay in the backseat while moving and her nose out the window when the car was stopped.

The Humane Society said Ava is great with other dogs, and as we discovered, with kids as well. And as much as she loved the cheeseburgers she had, she apparently loves water even more, especially playing with a water hose. As an added bonus, she has a wonderful, deep alert bark that we didn’t get the chance to hear for ourselves.

Ava is available for adoption to a loving home and would be a perfect fit for any family, even with other dogs or younger kids. As always, the Humane Society recommends a meet and greet with other animals before adoption, and sleepovers are always an option as well.

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