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A Duncan woman who worked at a local church is accused of embezzling.

According to court records, Lori Beth Crispin is charged with two counts of embezzlement.

Police records indicate law enforcement received a report filed on behalf of First Presbyterian Church Feb. 20. The report stated Crispin was employed at the church as a secretary and bookkeeper. It also accused Crispin, while serving in this capacity, “used church funds for personal use in a manner not authorized by the church,” according to an affidavit.

On March 28, police also received a written statement showing Crispin was terminated Feb. 13 and allegedly “refused to meet with church staff in relation to the termination,” and that church staff “found that Crispin had changed passwords, attempted to conceal documents and delete or hide checks all in attempt to conceal financial malfeasance on Crispin’s part,” records state.

The statement included a list of bank documents and also indicated “that later examination of credit card statements indicates a number of charges made that were obviously not church related and were not done with the knowledge or permission of church staff.”

The statement included that $4,112.84 in unauthorized charges were made, which included $360.30 in interest and $185 in late fees. Additionally, staff was able to determine Crispin allegedly “had been paying herself double paychecks, and concealing the fact.” The statement also included “fraudulent salary paid by Crispin to herself totals $4,632,” according to reports.

Police were again contacted April 24 because additional drafts had surfaced. Records show the total loss for the church with “all known transactions” totaled up to $13,349.26.

Crispin met with police on April 24 and told them she often paid her bills online at church and “could have used the church’s credit card by mistake on several occasions.” She said “it was likely she paid any of a number of her personal bills with church funds, by accident,” affidavits show.

Police asked about the double checks, Crispin didn’t deny it and stated she “didn’t recall cashing them,” according to reports.

Records show Crispin told police “she did print and cash duplicate payroll checks to herself, but that it was a mistake, and that she must not have remembered what she was doing at the time.”

Crispin was released on a $2,000 bond and will return to court for a preliminary hearing conference at 9 a.m. Dec. 4.

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