Kristin Boles

Little Miss Oklahoma Kristin Boles and Polar, a husky mix, perform a harmonic duet as he howls along to Boles’ rendition of “A Million Dreams.”

One young girl with a song in her heart traveled to the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS) after its doors had closed Thursday to share her passion and talent for music with the animals.

The Humane Society has had young children come in and read to the animals through the Shelter Buddies program in the past, but this is a new step for SCHS members and the animals inside.

“We love when people come out and read to our animals, but this is the first time we’ve had someone come sing to them,” said SCHS board member Patty Whitaker. “It helps soothe and calm the animals. It’s a great way for people to socialize with them.”

Kristin Boles, Little Miss Oklahoma, wanted to do something special with her voice, and she feels that there is little in the world more special than sharing love with animals who may need a little extra.

“I knew that they didn’t have a home,” K. Boles said. “I just wanted to come and sing for them and make them happy.”

K. Boles is no stranger to the stage or to the microphone.

“When I was little, I just fell in love with singing,” she said. “I started getting up on stage and singing for people.”

K. Boles said her favorite song to sing is called “Speechless,” from the new Aladdin movie. She said it tells the story of someone who doesn’t feel like they have freedom or a voice of their own until they discover their inner strength.

“She uses her voice to spread joy and love,” Whitaker said. “She has been singing at different venues, and we were just delighted when they called and chose us.”

After singing to the animals at the shelter, K. Boles and her mother, Michelle Boles, will be gearing up for nationals. The competition kicks off in 30 days in Branson.

Ten titles will be given out to the upward of 130 girls who will be entering. Kristin said that she is excited for the pageant and everything that comes with it, like pajama parties, superhero parties and the pink party. 

In addition to the parties, the girls also give each other good luck charms during the pageant. M. Boles said it is a really friendly and welcoming competitive scene.

The pageant’s theme is Crown With a Cause, and K. Boles’ platform is called Singing with a Cause, letting her use her vocal talents and musical interest in competitions.