Sheep show

Larry Sharp shows one of his sheep to a potential buyer Sunday at the Corporation Club Sheep Sale in Duncan.

Nearly 70 sheep were sold at auction Sunday in the Stephens County Fair & Expo Center when nearly 120 buyers set their sights on next year’s show winners.

The regular Corporation Club sheep sale is the precursor to next year’s free fairs and sheep shows to which the sheep sold Sunday will be a part of.

“We have breeders come in and sell these sheep today to kids and their parents and 4-H and FFA programs for next year’s shows,” Sale Manager Kirk Cox said. “Some of these sheep are even young enough they’ll come around again for the spring shows.”

The consignors and breeders of the sheep, Cox said, come from all over the country. He said most of the groups in Duncan Sunday afternoon were from Oklahoma and Texas. However, he sometimes gets consignors from Arkansas and as far away as Iowa.

“I think the price of fuel and diesel really played a big role in that this year though,” Cox said.

Cox said this event is also a good economical event for Duncan.

“These consignors come in from all over and they stay here for the sale,” he said. “They’ll spend money while they’re here, and that’s good for Duncan.”

At noon, all sheep set for sale were lined up in sale order for potential buyers to get their first look at the sheep. The potential buyers also had the opportunity to feel the sheep for muscle mass and build, which is what Cox said judges look for in shows.

“We try to follow what the industry shows is what people want,” Cox said.

At 1 p.m., potential buyers circled around the auction block while the sheep were auctioned off. In typical auction fashion, sheep could go for as low as $300 or as high as $1,200 depending on the quality of sheep.

Cox said it’s always a pleasure for him to come and put on the sale in Duncan.

“The folks here (at the Stephens County Fair & Expo Center) are wonderful,” he said. “They do a real good job with us and they really work well with us.

“The facilities are great, and the quality of sheep we sell here and the buyers we have here are all really good.”

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