Stephens County Election Board workers

Stephens County Election Board workers unpack a precinct’s ballot machine and paper ballots for the Sept. 10, 2019 special election for the Stephens County Fairgrounds tax vote. 

The voters of the county have spoken and the fairgrounds tax has passed at 73.54 percent with 1,276  voters in favor, 459 against for a total of 1,735 according to the unofficial results. The official results will follow in a few days from the Stephens County Election Board.  

The tax is a 0.25 percent sales tax which is already in effect.  

The tax has been in place for about 20 years and now that it has passed will continue for another 20 years, expiring at the end of 2041.

Matt Byerly, Fairgrounds Manager, is excited and ready to go.

“This will start moving a lot of plans forward. We had some plans and we can really start pushing and expanding,” he said. “Now that we don’t have to worry about the reserve.” 

Previously Byerly said they hadn’t moved on plans because they were unsure if the tax would pass. 

“We just want to thank the people of Stephens County for supporting this, putting their trust in us,” he said. “I just want to let them know we will be good stewards of their money and we’ll make the best of it.” 

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