The enrollment numbers are in, and things are about the same for Duncan Public Schools.

Individual schools might see an influx of students, but overall, the district numbers are similar to what they were at the same time last year, Superintendent of Schools Sherry Labyer said.

As of Friday, the district had 3,719 students. On Oct. 25, 2006, records show 3,723 students were enrolled at Duncan.

Labyer said, “We’re really close. We’re just four students off.”

Because of the similar numbers, Labyer said no trends, either increasing or decreasing enrollments, were visible.

“It’s still healthy,” she said. “We’re not seeing a big gain or a big dip in enrollment. It’s just staying the same.”

She said the out-of-district transfers were also about the same and, in most cases, the districts end up swapping students because of transfers into and out of the districts.

“If we get a transfer from Comanche, one of our kids usually transfers there,” Labyer said.

Although overall district enrollment decreased by four students, enrollment in Duncan elementary schools actually increased by 48 students.

This year’s enrollment for the elementaries is 1,935 students. Last year, enrollment was 1,887 students.

Elementary enrollment numbers include:

n Emerson Elementary had 425 students during the 2006-07 school year. This year, the school has an enrollment of 379.

n Horace Mann saw an increase in students from 385 in 2006 to 406 this year.

n Mark Twain Elementary’s enrollment also went up. In 2006, the school had 217 students. This year, 262 students are enrolled.

n Plato Elementary’s enrollment increased from 278 in 2006 to 293 as of Friday.

n Woodrow Wilson went from 265 students in 2006 to an enrollment number of 378 students for the 2007-08 school year.

n Will Rogers Pre-Kindergarten Center’s number didn’t change. Both 2006 and Friday numbers were 217.

Of those schools, Emerson was the only school to decrease in the number of students. The school saw a decrease of 46 students.

Last year, Emerson was the largest elementary school in the Duncan School District. This year, the school’s enrollment is second to Horace Mann.

Labyer said she didn’t know why there was such a decrease in the school, and the school boundaries were the same as last year. She said the out-of-district students might have had something to do with the change because those students go to Emerson.

She said many of the out-of-district students last year were in fifth grade. This year, those students have progressed to the Duncan Middle School.

Mark Twain Elementary, which was and still is the smallest elementary in the district, had the largest increase. The school’s enrollment went up by 45 students.

Principal JoAnn Pierce said the school had prepared for the increase in the number of students. “We were already prepared,” Dr. Pierce said. “We have two classes of everything.

“We were expecting this. There’s a lot of construction in this area. We kind of expect growth to head in this direction.”

In addition to adding more sections of each grade, teaching assistants have been hired to help with the fullest grades.

For secondary education, which includes the middle school, Duncan High School, and both EDGE Academy middle and high school students, enrollment decreased.

Last year, 1,836 students were enrollment in secondary education in Duncan. This year, the enrollment number was 1,784 students.

n DMS went from 785 students in 2006 to 764 students at the beginning of this school year.

n DHS also had a decrease in students. Last year, the school had 965 students. For the 2007-08 school year, 946 students are enrolled.

n The EDGE Academy went down in numbers from last year. In 2006, the school had six middle school students and 80 high school students. This year, the school has seven middle school students but only 67 high school students.

Labyer said the overall enrollment was still positive for Duncan and the slight change in numbers hadn’t impacted the schools.

“The numbers are pretty close,” she said.

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