The State Unemployment rate for July remained steady at 3.2% with 1,779,673 employed and 58,486 unemployed and the National Unemployment held steady at 3.7% with 157,288,000 employed and 6,063,000 unemployed. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was the same as July 2018.

 Statewide, the unemployment rates continue their improvement over the year for most of Oklahoma counties in Oklahoma. In July, Latimer County posted Oklahoma’s highest county unemployment rate of up to 6.6% from 6.2%.  McIntosh County had the second highest rates for the month with 6.4% up from 6.2%. McCurtain County was third with 5.9% up from 5.8%. Cimarron County claimed the lowest with 2.0% compared to 1.9% last month, Alfalfa County was second with unemployment rate of 2.1%, followed by Blaine & Major Counties with 2.1%. Even the lowest counties have increase 0.1 to 0.5%.  

 Unemployment rates demonstrate the effects of an oscillating oil & gas economic market where July rates have now shifted to where they’re higher than a year earlier in 49 counties, were lower in only 16 counties and unchanged in 12. Last month rates were lower than a year earlier in 70 of 77 counties. The unemployment rates are listed by county for July 2019. Remember, these numbers are not seasonally adjusted, but each month, Current Employment Statistics (CES) and Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) data for the previous month are revised. The data for the current month in this report is preliminary (not revised) and the data for the previous months is revised. All data is non-seasonally adjusted. 

Stephens County’s LLM posted a 4.4% rate up from 4.3%; and Duncan’s LLM (Stephens & Jefferson Counties) posted a 4.3% up from last month’s 4.2% rate, up 0.1%.

Stephens County’s LLM past postings in 2019 are June 4.3%, May 3.8, April 3.2%, March 3.7%, February 4.1%, January 4.3% and in 2018 are December 3.5%, November 3.3%, October 3.5%,September 3.6%, August’s  4.0%, July’s 4.5%, June’s 4.7%, May’s 4.8%, April’s 4.6%, March’s 4.7%, February 4.8%, January 4.9%.

Last year for July, Stephens County was at 3.8% unemployment and Duncan’s LLM at 3.8% . 

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