New City Hall sign

Those with offices under City of Duncan’s new city hall spent most of Monday, Jan. 13 moving their belongings and getting comfortable in their new office space.

While most of the move to the new city hall  — previously known as Halliburton finance — took place Monday, the rest of the work will take place between now and Jan. 24.

The move is taking city hall offices from numerous departments and putting them together under one roof, according to City Manager Kim Meek.

City hall offices moving include the cashiers, city managers’ office, code enforcement, community development, customer service, fire, finance, human resources, municipal court, public works and utility billing.

Meek said the facility is technically three buildings, which comes in at 77,000 square feet in total.

“We own the entire structure but we remodeled in the center building and then you go straight up and we remodeled that also and then the wing to the north upstairs has also been remodeled,” Meek said. “The rest has not been touched.”

A new council chambers has also been fitted into the first floor of the building, but chambers aren’t expected to be moved over for almost 18 months.

“It’s a lot of people to move,” Meek said previously. “We’re going to bring as much under one roof as we can. That was the whole goal with purchasing this building. You’ll have Public Works here along with your Code Enforcement, I’ll be here, (so will) utility billing and cashiers that’ll take your money for your utilities.”

Along with the drive through, six utility billing windows will be available to help customers get in and get out faster.

The Municipal Court will also move in house as well and downstairs will be used for the 911 system, so dispatch will be located in the basement. A generator will also be in place so when the power goes, it’ll only take about 10 seconds before power comes back up so there’s no more fear of City Hall going dark.

“It’s F5 rated so it’s our safest facility,” Meek said.

Mayor Ritchie Dennington hopes that citizens will continue to be understanding during the next few days as things settle.

“The move has been a long time coming,” Dennington said. “We are ready to get many of Duncan’s departments together in a central location for the first time. We hope citizens will be understanding during the next two weeks. The employees are a resourceful, smart bunch and will get everything running smoothly in no time.”

Court Clerk Angelene Flurry is ready to start serving citizens in the new location.

“Words cannot express how excited we are about the move to the new facility,” Flurry said. “Our new Municipal Court is customized to better fit our needs and will allow for a better court flow to faster serve our public. As a bonus, we will get to be in the same building as other city employees which Court has never experienced before. We are eager to move and ready to tackle any challenges that may come with this major improvement.”

The new city hall is located at 1600 S. Highway 81. The drop off utility box has already been moved to the new location.

For more information, visit or find City of Duncan on Facebook.

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