An attempted stop by Duncan Police for a driver crossing the center line has resulted in charges of eluding police for one Duncan man.

Dustin Scott Mooney now faces charges of endangering others while eluding police after two or more felony convictions and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Police reports indicate they attempted to initiate the stop just after 5 p.m. June 1 when police observed a white car traveling near 6th Street just east of the train tracks where it crossed over the “clearly marked center line.” When emergency lights turned on, the driver, later identified as Mooney, increased the vehicle’s speed significantly before turning West on Cypress and running the stop sign at 8th Street.

The driver of the vehicle then ran stop signs at 9th Street and 10th Street where the car turned north before again turning west and continued traveling on Sycamore from 10th to 15th Street, running all posted stop signs along these roads also, according to reports.

Reports further indicate Mooney cut through Playday Park at a high rate of speed, exited the park on the south side when the vehicle turned west on Cypress and then crossed over U.S. Highway 81, nearly colliding with another vehicle. The car continued until it reached the cemetery, where the vehicle stopped and three occupants exited.

The driver, recognized as Mooney, jumped a fence a short distance from the vehicle and ran west into a heavily wooded area. The other two individuals, one complaining of heart problems and one pregnant, were identified and then assessed by first responders before their release from the scene.

The vehicle was then searched and inside, police found a metal box on the front passenger floor containing what was believed to be marijuana, a syringe, a pipe containing marijuana residue and a credit card belonging to Mooney. Inside the metal box, police found 12 Lorazepam pills, a scheduled four controlled substance. A can of beer was found in the center cup holder, open and cold.

Officers on the scene contacted Stephens County Sheriff’s Department and asked for a tracking K9 to respond to the scene. The dogs, on arrival, picked up the scent of Mooney and followed it about 150 yards to a creek. While examining footprints along the creek bed where Mooney crossed, he called out, “I’m over here.” Police observed Mooney standing in the creek. Police ordered Mooney to walk toward them with his hands up and he complied, stating he only ran because he knew he has warrants.

Mooney also informed police the open beer was not his and he swerved into the other lane because he was turned around talking to a backseat passenger.

Mooney now sits on a $50,000 bond. He will appear in court for a preliminary hearing conference at 9 a.m. July 17.