Jasmeen Saini

Jasmeen Saini, 2009 Duncan High Grad, recently earned her Masters in public heath and is getting ready for her residency left in dermatology.


 It has been Jasmeen Saini’s goal to be a doctor since she was just five years old. Getting past the hurdles, the tears and frustrations, Saini has her Masters in public heath in hand and just has residency left.

“I’ve actually wanted to be a doctor since I was five years old,” she said. “I was originally going to do surgery but I didn’t want to do crazy hours for the rest of my life so I switched. All my advisors were pushing me to dermatology ‘We think you fit in better here, and be more of the lifestyle you want.’ because when you are in surgery you are pretty much in the O.R. (operating room) your whole life.”

Saini graduated Duncan in 2009 and went to the University of North Texas and then for her last four years went to University Texas Southwestern.

“I’m doing my residency in dermatology — I am going to be doing residency at Baylor for four years,” she said. “(After) I will probably work for a hospital for a couple of years and then hopefully open my own practice.”

Having a good support system, even in another state, was a big help.

“My parents, they supported and motivated me a lot and if it wasn’t for them — there were a lot of times I was just like ‘I hate school, I don’t want to do this anymore’ — I already came so far and just needed a push to get through so my parents were there,” Saini said.

Saini said her advice was pretty simple.

“Have a goal and try to work towards it and don’t give up even if it gets tough,” she said, “Also, I’m always available if someone in Duncan needs mentoring in the medical field or just college in general. I would love to see more of Duncan going to college and being further educated.”

Saini can be reached via email at Sainijasmeen2019@gmail.com.