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Duncan City Council, with one member absent, turned their attention to its National Incident Management System, the Halliburton Airfield and several other purchases during its routine council meeting Tuesday, Sept. 24.

Appearing before the council first was Jimmy Pryor, who updated the council on the National Incident Management System (NIMS). He touched base on how set up would occur in the event of a disaster, especially since Oklahoma is in the middle of major weather and climate patterns.

Pryor also talked about preparedness, what it means to have a unified command and said that NIMS is the national, comprehensive approach to handling dire situations. He said through his time with City of Duncan, he has learned this plan can be flexible, though it is standardized.

Pryor said the NIMS system in place matches that from Duncan Regional Hospital. He also went over a timeline of training between October and March and talked about hosting a full scale exercise of NIMS in the beginning of March to put the training to the test and figure out what needs to be fixed if a real event were to occur.

Next, Halliburton Airfield took Council’s attention. Council looked at approving CEC Corporation’s first pay request for additional services completed on the Airport taxiway lighting system rehabilitation project in the amount of $8,700.

City Manager Kim Meek said the amendment is for the design of the rehabilitation of the taxiway lighting system that is funded under a 9010 grant for Fiscal Year 2019 under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

“The city would pay the entire cost up front and then be reimbursed 90 percent from the Fiscal Year 2019 grant from FAA,” Meek said. “The construction of this project will take place under a Fiscal Year 2019 grant.”

Meek said the final city share of the project would total $9,960, and the item was approved.

The next airport measure up for council’s approval included CEC Corporation’s pay requests number 3 and 4.

“On Dec. 12, 2017, Council approved entering into an agreement for professional services with CEC Corporation to provide multi-year airport planning and engineering services beginning Jan. 1, 2018,” Meek said. “The scope and fee for each project would be added by separate amendment.”

Meek told council they approved amendment number 1 on March 13, 2018. The amendment was for the master agreement for engineering services pertaining to the taxiway lighting rehabilitation project. The amount of these requests totaled $58,800, though again, the project is jointly funded with FAA, which will reimburse Duncan 90 percent.

Meek clarified the pay requests represented plans and specifications through April 25, 2019, and said the invoices were originally sent to the wrong email address. Council approved this measure also.

During the consent agenda, council approved entering into a five year lease agreement with 5B Aviation, LLC., to be the fixed base operator of the City Airport. The city already had a need for a fixed base operator and through the agreement, 5B Aviation must have at least one FAA licensed mechanic, and is also to provide a FAA licensed pilot instructor. The lease agreement also contains provisions for 5B to provide maintenance of the airport. 

Before closing the meeting, Council turned their attention to purchasing radio read electric meters from Honeywell for $73,804.

“Duncan Power needs to purchase 550 meters for use in residential services to replace meters that have failed since originally installed as early as 2010,” Meek said. “These must be Honeywell 200 amp, single phase meters to work with our existing system. We have had very good success with our remote disconnect meter and staff would like to expand out ability to remotely disconnect electric services. Cost is $110 each for a total of $60,500.”

Meek said 100 meters would be stock for use in new residential services and another 16 would be stock for use in new residential and small commercial services. The final 16 meters totaled $144 each.

Council approved the purchase.

Last up on the agenda for council was hiring out work for street repairs. Meek asked council to consider having the mayor sign a contract with Blackburn Construction for the repairs.

Meek said the street department solicited sealed bids for street repairs as needed and only Blackburn Concrete Construction responded.

Concerned citizen Jason Waters approached council and asked why the city would be hiring out if they had their own Street Department. Meek said there was an abundance of work to be completed.

“This will be in addition to what we are doing with our employees,” Meek said. “This will allow us to do more work."

Waters asked if the street department was incapable of handling the demand of the repairs. Meek went to answer, but instead Mayor Ritchie Dennington answered.

“They’re short handed,” Dennington said. “In order to get it done we have to hire outside help. It’s very hard with the oilfield and stuff the way it is to get qualified people. They’re way understaffed and we need to get some street work done.”

Waters agreed there was a lot of work that needed completed before he left the podium.

In other news, Council approved:

• Payment to Hurley Creative Tile, LLC. for work completed on carpeting in the new City Hall renovation project for $30,000.

• The mayor signing a supplement to the copier lease for the updating of copiers at all City facilities.

• Entering into a Master Services Agreement with Southwestern Bell Telephone for the installation of high speed data lines to the 911 Call Center.

• Entering into a five year lease agreement with Motorola for the use of software and hardware to implement a 911 computer aided dispatch system.

• An agreement with Earthwise Environmental Inc. for $6,000 to provide monthly service and chemicals to maintain the proper operation to the chiller and boiler for the new City Hall.

• Purchasing a truck with utility bed and crane for the water production department from Byford Auto Group in the amount of $67,346.

• Accepting the low bid for the Play Day Bark Dog Park fencing from FJ Fencing and Construction for $29,920.30.

• The purchase of two dual purpose protective gear and fire hose dryers from Casco Industries Inc. for $19,900.

• Purchasing one four-by-four crew cab white truck from Billingsley Ford for $29,300 for the Fire Department. The truck is expected to have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years and a turn around delivery time of 90 to 120 days. The truck will be white and when it comes in, the fire department will fix a logo on it.

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