Duncan City Manager Kim Meek has announced the move in date to Duncan’s new City Hall has been pushed back once more after discovering damage from previous torrential rainfall in the basement of the building.

A project, which is expected to take an additional 45 days and begins immediately, was awarded to WW Builders, who had the lowest bid. The project will include concrete and drainage work and is set to total $159,199.40. Meek said the approval was dire as the basement will eventually become home to the e911 system for Duncan.

“On the east side of the building, when we had the torrential rains earlier in the year, actually later last year, it ran into the basement, causing us to have to pull all the carpet up and air out,” Meek said. “It took a while for the engineers to decide, and a major plan was going to cost us nearly half a million dollars. We sent it back to them, told them to try again, and they brought this to us. What it’s going to do is get the water away from the building so it doesn’t run into the basement where our 911 equipment will be. We have not put the 911 equipment in there, protecting it until we can get this accomplished.”

During this time, the building will receive more work on the HVAC system.

Emergency repairs on the HVAC system were awarded to Saker Mechanical for a total cost of $13,400.

“The HVAC system at the new City Hall has had several issues over the past months,” Meek said. “With the installation of new servers and network equipment, staff felt that it was imperative that repairs were made as soon as possible to preserve the integrity of the new equipment.”

Saker Mechanical, out of Oklahoma City, is providing the emergency work to repair the system. The company took the issues at hand, and with continued work, will make the situation manageable for City of Duncan before the move into the facility occurs.

Emergency repairs included: providing and installing a new condensing fan for the chiller tower; acidizing the condensing coils and cleaning coils and the tower basin from calcium and debris; checking the chiller for proper charge and safety as well as proper operation and reporting any repairs needed; proving a replacement motor; and repairing a second boiler with parts onsite.

After approving the emergency repairs, trustees unanimously approved entering into an agreement with Saker Mechanical for $9,400, allowing the company to provide semiannual maintenance on the HVAC system.

Semi-annual maintenance will include checking the chiller, boilers, AHU, pumps, providing and changing filters, checking grease bearings and belts, cleaning the tower and checking refrigerant pressures on the chiller and combustion analysis on the boilers.

The contract also has Saker report any foreseen preventative maintenance or repairs needed. If maintenance is awarded to someone else, Saker has said they will provide the training to make sure the preventative maintenance continues properly. Preventative maintenance, according to city staff, ensures everything is running properly and efficiently.

Meek said she still believes they can get into the building before 2019 is over, even with the several date changes on project completion.