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Duncan Council approved payments and made purchases for not only Duncan Police Department, but also the city’s water department during their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10.

To begin the meeting, Duncan Mayor Ritchie Dennington read a proclamation declaring Sept. 14 as a day of celebration of the 100th birthday of the GFWC Owl Club of Duncan.

When council moved into businesses, the first item on their agenda included approving a payment for an amount of $45,000 to Hurley Creative Tile Co. for work completed on the new city hall renovation project.

City Manager Kim Meek said the pay request is for a contract City of Duncan approved Aug. 13. She said the pay request included carpet which is stored on site and labor to demo the existing carpet. The payment passed council with a unanimous vote.

While there is no firm date for the opening of the new City Hall, Meek said she hopes they’ll be headed toward completion at the first part of 2020.

Next, council turned their attention to the Duncan Police Department when they were asked to consider approving a purchase for 14 radar antennas and the required hardware from Allied Concepts Inc. for $9,288.

Meek said the equipment would be purchased to work in existence with the 14 current radar systems DPD already has.

“These antennas will connect to the current radars and are mounted in the rear of the vehicle that will allow the officer to check the speed of vehicles that are approaching from the rear of the vehicle and also to be able to check the speed of vehicles that have passed the patrol unit going in the opposite direction.”

The next purchase for DPD included 11 nine-foot stop stick rack systems for a total price of $5,233.

Meek said previously 11 new patrol units were purchased for the police department and as part of equipment installation, DPD wanted to purchase the stop stick rack systems which would be mounted in the rear section of the new units.

“The Stop Stick Systems are a controlled deflation device that can be utilized to assist the stopping of vehicular pursuits,” Meek said. “These items are placed across the roadway and when struck, a hollow steel nail is placed in the tread area of the vehicles tires, causing them to deflate at a controlled rate that causes the speed of the vehicle being pursued to slow to a much safer speed. All CLEET training is done with these stop stick systems.”

Meek said the purchase of the systems for the new patrol units would lead to safety of the community and its citizens in the event of a pursuit. The measure passed unanimously.

Before the meeting wrapped up, council turned their attention to the purchase of 470 water modules and 470 mounting kits from Honeywell International.

Meek said the utility department’s inventory of the replacement modules is almost depleted and said these replacement modules are necessary to insure an adequate inventory of modules for the water meters. She said the price tag of purchasing them would be $39,950, which council approved unanimously.

Meek said there are still some issues with Honeywell, resulting in the city withholding payment.

“They were supposed to give us roughly 400 meters, both water and electric, and they have still not provided those meters and so I’ve withheld payment,” Meek said. “The modules are just the little transmitter and the transmitter is separate from the meter so some of our meters need the modules and we don’t have any of those either.”

When asked if Honeywell would actually deliver this time, Meek said she couldn’t say, but said she was hopeful. City Attorney David Hammond said legal has been involved in the process with Honeywell also.

In other council news, members approved:

• Pay request 4 to Tetra Tech Inc. for $86,680.80 for services rendered in the inflow and infiltration reduction plan.

• Pay request 4 to Smith Power Systems for $196,450.50 for the Lake Humphreys and El Rancho Water Pump Station Generator Project.

• The purchase of one power transformer protection relay from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories for $5,080.

• Pay request 1 to Freese and Nichols for $10,970 for services rendered in conjunction with emergency repairs at the Clear Creek Lake Dam and Spillway. Meek clarified the breach was found in the spillway and not in the dam, and while the spillway has not been replaced, they have stopped the leaking. Meek said Freese and Nichols is about 60 percent of the way completed with the design portion of the project and they anticipate going out for bids for the repair work somewhere around July 2020.

• A partial payment for pay request 6 to W.W. Builders. Inc. for work completed through Aug. 28 on the renovation of the new city hall. The payment approved totaled $97,482. Meek said this is the final payment on the project aside from retainage.

• Ratified the actions of staff in repairs to the HVAC system in the new city hall to Saker Mechanical for a total of $18,916.60.

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