Update: As of 10 a.m. Sept. 6 Hall is in the Stephens County Jail

On May 5, Jonathan Hall was involved in a one-vehicle motorcycle wreck in which he sustained serious injuries. Alcohol is the suspected cause, according to officials.

Oklahoma State Trooper Ben Smith was dispatched to CR Baseline and CR 2951 to the site of a reported wreck. According to Smith’s report, he found Hill unconscious in the center of the road with his motorcycle lying next to him.

While Hill received medical treatment, Smith inspected the scene. He was able to determine Hall was the only motor vehicle involved in the wreck. While receiving medical treatment, Hill became conscious and was able to tell Smith he was drinking alcohol before the crash.

Smith noticed a strong smell of alcohol after Hill spoke. Hill was not wearing a helmet and was able to state he was the only vehicle involved in the crash.

Hill was transported to Duncan Regional Hospital for serious injuries sustained during the crash. The motorcycle was kept after the crash for further inspection. In the storage compartment, Smith found marijuana, several glass smoking pipes and a multi-colored one hit box used to smoke marijuana.

Due to the paraphernalia found, a warrant has been issued for Hill’s arrest. Hill is being charged with driving while under the influence. If you have any information leading to the arrest of Hill, contact local law enforcement.