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Community Development Director Nate Schacht displays the new, free signs that will go up around parks and city buildings.

Duncan Public Utilities Authority met earlier this week and received an update on Trihalomethanes (TTHMs) in Duncan water from City Manager Kim Meek.

Trihalomethanes are a compound produced from chlorine in drinking water, Meek said.

“Back in 2018, ODEQ approved for us to make a small adjustment to our Water Treatment Plant to allow contact time with chlorine to be reduced, thereby hoping to reduce the total Trihalomethanes which we were under consent order,” Meek said. “We just did our first testing in January, it’s done quarterly, and we just got those tests back and they all came back clean. The work we did, worked. Instead of spending multiple millions of dollars in upgrades to the plant, we did a small adjustment and saved a lot of money.”

Meek said she didn’t have exact numbers but a report would soon be presented to council. This means Duncan residents will not receive a note warning about the TTHMs this quarter like they did in October 2018.

“We’ve been waiting with bated breath to see if we passed or not,” Meek said. “We have saved a lot of money.”

Mayor Ritchie Dennington wanted to thank everyone who helped this project along.

“There are a lot of employees at the water plant involved in that and they need kudos for stepping up and doing that,” Dennington said. “It’s a real win-win.”

The changes made will be permanent and sustainable, Meek confirmed.

The water plant received additional attention at the DPUA meeting.

Trustees unanimously approved allowing Accurate Environmental LLC to conduct lab services on a quarterly basis over the next year for a total of $13,100 and Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) for $20,0000. Accurate Environmental will test things for the EPA while ODEQ will conduct testing at the Water Treatment Plant for bacterial levels and further TTHM testing.

Nate Schacht, Community Development Director, also told board members City of Duncan has received tobacco free, smoke free signs for the area which were donated.

“We did finally receive our smoke free, tobacco free signs we’re going to be putting at the parks and around the various city buildings,” Schacht said. “We received 18 of these … We’re very pleased about this, they actually forgot about me on two different occasions … but we finally did receive these signs. By having these signs, even though the language isn’t truly ideal for what we want to match our ordinance, it does make us eligible for grant opportunities that were not available to us before, and the signs were free.”

Schacht said they’re working to find the best locations to hang these.

Schacht also announced Duncan is a Certified Healthy Community now thanks to the hard work of Kenzie Wheeler. Schacht said the designation makes Duncan eligible for grants they weren’t eligible for before.

In other Public Utility Authority news:

• Trustees acknowledged receipt of an ODEQ permit allowing for construction of 3,800 linear feet of 6-inch PVC pipe for a sanitary sewer collection to serve the Chickasaw Nation Chisholm Trail Casino. Meek said once construction is completed, the casino will take over maintaining the line.

• Trustees approved a resolution for DPUA allowing annual rate adjustments for CPI or other previously approved adjustments such as the block rate from Resolution 157 and lake lot leases from Resolution 110 to automatically become effective for the first billing cycle in January of every year so a resolution is no longer required. Meek said right now, the CPI change reflects an increase of 1.12 percent. Trustees made the same action on a resolution for adjustments made from CPI costs for water and sanitary sewer rates.

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