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Duncan Public Schools administration responded to an incident which occurred after school on Friday, Sept. 6. and was investigated as a threat. A parent and her child also approached DPD about what happened.

Superintendent Tom Deighan said after school on Sept. 6, “an early childhood student made a statement on a bus that was investigated as a threat by school officials and Duncan Police Department.”

Deighan said the issue was handled between school administration and the parents of the children directly involved in the situation.

“Neither Duncan Police nor Duncan Public Schools staff found any evidence of any credible threat,” Deighan said. “Due to the circumstances, we addressed the situation only with the parents of the young students involved.”

Concerned parent Samantha Steinbronn said she learned of the incident from her child who attends Emerson Elementary. Steinbronn said her three children were on the bus when they heard kids picking on another child and in return, one of the children allegedly threatened violence. That’s when Steinbronn’s child called her from a friend’s phone to let her know what was happening.

“I immediately hung up with her and called the school,” Steinbronn said, noting she received no answer after calling several times. “So I immediately called the police department non-emergency line.”

Steinbronn said her biggest concern was that she learned of the threat from her children and not from an adult.

“My biggest issue is that my kids (saw) it and my kids heard it and my kids had to tell me before I was able to talk to somebody three days later,” she said. “We as parents are supposed to trust the fact that our kids are going to be safe and with everything going on in this world, how do we know if they’re safe when they come home and say … somebody threatened to shoot them on the bus and no adults have contacted us about it. Instead of my kids being focused on school work they’re focusing on whether or not this kid is really going to come to school and shoot them.”

Duncan Public Schools this week rolled out a new Campus Messenger system. The system is set up to assist in sending out emergency, attendance, general and priority alerts via email, text and voice. Campus Messenger will work to deliver messages to students, parents and staff at the school and district levels.

Steinbronn said she hopes the Campus Messenger system will help clear up communication between the schools and parents.

“I pray that it does because God forbid something bad happens to any kid and parents have to find out on social media,” Steinbronn said.

What constitutes an emergency notification from the system and more information on the Campus Messenger system will appear in subsequent editions of The Duncan Banner. To opt-in to text message notifications through Campus Messenger from Duncan Public Schools, visit https://www.duncanps.org/cms/lib/OK50000152/Centricity/ModuleInstance/1230/Duncan%20Public%20Schools%20New%20Messenger%20System.pdf and follow the directions.

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