Devin laid down on a blanket near a tennis ball during his visit to The Banner for Take Out Tuesday.

As everyone is getting ready for the Fourth of July holiday and trying to determine what kinds of treats will be at their picnics, Devin, our Take Out Tuesday guest this week at The Banner needed to make no decisions at all, opting to chow down on every treat we were willing to give.

Devin is a two-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier mix who joined the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS) after wandering on a rural property in the county.

Devin spent time with the person who found him on the rural property who kept him until the SCHS had room.

Tuesday’s have truly become our favorite day of the week, and Devin is the perfect example of why. His proper behavior when getting bites of cheeseburgers did not disappoint. 

After getting his choice of treats, we started to play with some of the toys. We have learned that Devin will run around the office and chase whoever has the toy in their hand.

One of our advertising reps, who is known to bring big meat bones to the office on Take Out Tuesday’s, brought a bone for Devin to enjoy.

Wanting to take a break from inside life, we took Devin over to the Stephens County Courthouse to visit the folks at the Court Clerk’s office and the District Attorney’s office.

Devin didn’t have much trouble walking on a leash at a nice pace, however, he did pull a little bit so we think he could learn how to be better on the leash.

Meeting with some of the Sheriff’s deputies, we can tell that Devin was still learning how to meet new people.

Getting some treats from the ladies in the office, Devin was a little shy eating in front of a whole crowd, so we headed over to the Court Clerk’s office once the visitors started to leave, where he got even more treats.

After we told the court clerks about the tricks we had Devin pull at the office with cheeseburgers, Devin got the chance to show off his skills once more by catching a treat from midair.

The SCHS always recommends a meet and greet if a family already has other dogs if they are thinking of adopting to make sure the fit is there. Also, although we don’t have cats here at the office, the SCHS suggests that Devin needs to be in a cat-free home.

This week’s Stephens County Humane Society page is sponsored by Tractor Supply Co.

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