new signs from DETA

DETA has officially placed new park signage at Douglass, Hillcrest, Olen Sledge and Abe Raizen Parks.

New signs will now welcome guests at four Duncan parks.

Duncan Enhancement Trust Authority (DETA) has finished and placed signs at Abe Raizen, Olen Sledge, Hillcrest and Douglass parks. The signs were budgeted into the 2018 year, but delays rolled the signs over into 2019.

Chair of the DETA Board Carolyn Rodgers said the time delay came about when it was time to receive bids for actually placing the signs along with heavy rainfalls in previous months.

The green signs with crapemyrtles decorating them sit on a pad, and the base rests on the pad. The signs are then attached to the base, which has decorative rock on it also.

According to Rodgers, WW Builders donated the decorative rock materials.

For more information on DETA, visit DETA: Duncan Enhancement Trust Authority on Facebook.