The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has opportunities for municipalities to receive funding for solid waste improvement projects.

The funding from Oklahoma Solid Waste Management Act (Act) allows local governments with things such as cleaning up illegal dumps, hiring environmental enforcement officers, and developing centers to manage bulky waste.

“The Act created a system of state solid waste fees that help fund DEQ’s environmental protection programs,” a release said. “The funds can also help local governments develop better methods of handling solid waste including brush.”

The Act also seeks to stimulate recycling by helping governmental agencies acquire recycling equipment. During this fiscal year approximately $200,000 may be available for local governmental agencies to help purchase recycling equipment.

Patrick Riley, DEQ manager of Solid Waste and Sustainability, said partnerships with local governments allow DEQ to make the best use of available resources.

“Local governments understand local environmental needs. From assistance in hosting household hazardous or e-waste collection, or aid in investigating illegal dumping, DEQ solid waste funding agreements are a tool we offer to help drive locally initiated environmental improvement projects” he said.

Applications for funding are now being accepted by DEQ and they said assistance will be provided until the funds are exhausted.

Contact Riley at 405-702-5100 or by e-mail at to apply.