DAEDF special election

A local voter at the Calvary Baptist Church precinct votes in the Duncan Jan. 8, 2019 election after getting off work as voters decide on a sales tax continuation.

Oklahoma’s State Election Board announced Monday Democratic primaries will open to Independents in 2020-2021, though Oklahoma Republican primaries and Oklahoma Libertarian primaries will remain closed.

Paul Ziriax, State Election Board Secretary, said the announcement comes “every odd-numbered year” from recognized political parties in the state. Ziriax said the parties are required to notify the state election board if the party will open their primaries to Independent voters. 

“This means, there is no change for unaffiliated voters in 2020,” Ziriax said. “As has been the case for the past two years, Independent voters may continue to vote in Democratic Party primaries, but not in Republican or Libertarian primaries.”

As a closed primary state, only registered voters affiliated with a recognized political party may vote in primary elections for that party. Primaries can be opened, however, if notice is filed with the State Election Board Secretary between Nov. 1-30 prior to the election year. This year’s deadline, however, has been extended to Dec. 15 for other recognized parties.

Voter affiliation can be checked and confirmed online and changes to voter registration can also be made online using the OK Voter Portal at elections.ok.gov/OVP.

According to Ziriax, changes in party affiliation are prohibited between April 1 through Aug. 31 of even-numbered years and party changed submitted through this time period are processed and activated on Sept. 1.

For more information, visit elections.ok.gov.

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