Chisholm Trail Heritage Center’s Executive Director, Stacy Cramer Moore, was selected as a judge for the National History Day contest at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City on Thursday.

Moore was assigned to judge the website junior division, grades 6-8.

“I appreciated the diversity and professionalism I saw in the website category,” Cramer Moore said. “It is encouraging to see the depth of knowledge shared by these middle school students using a platform like website design to share their thoughts.”

Several elements were used to judge the entries, including thorough documentation of sources. The contest is designed to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills, research and reading skills and to build self-esteem and confidence among youth.

According to the National History Day website, more than half a million middle school and high school students, and more than 30,000 teachers participate annually.

“I feel like a bit of an expert at this point with the complete reprogramming of two websites during my time at the Heritage Center, with another major revision in the near future. I dabbled at programming for a time and respect the student’s work on these projects.”

Judges were instructed to evaluate the website entry based on a student’s ability to use design software and computer technology to communicate a topic’s significance in history. Analysis and interpretation of the topic needed to be clear to the viewer and incorporate interactive elements to engage its audience in learning about the topic.

“Our technology at the Heritage Center is constantly being updated. We are at the crossroads of technology and history – which made today’s efforts exciting to see,” Cramer Moore said.

To learn more about National History Day, visit its website at and to learn more about CTHC’s, visit