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COMANCHE — In April of this year a person was the victim of a violent sexual assault that occurred in a wooded area on the northwest side of Comanche Lake. Comanche police have been running through tips, suspects and more since that time. There have been more than 200 tips come in regarding the case.

A few months ago officers were able to send the rape kit off for testing and have been waiting on results according to Assistant Chief Michael Moore.

“I have gotten a repose and it is not a ‘profile’ — the (evidence) was insufficient for a full profile,” he said. “But it is sufficient for a comparison.”

While the DNA didn’t bring back a name and face, it will still help.

“At this point we are going to start working through suspects and get samples from those we can get samples from and send them off and test them,” Moore said. “We are going to start with the suspects who make sense — people who we can’t confirm through a third party that they were somewhere else — they don’t have a good solid alibi at the time. Then work our way to less likely people if the need arises.”

The suspect description for the April assault was: a white male with pale skin who is covered in freckles. The man is described as unshaven with stubble, and has rotting and missing teeth. The suspect further has a deep voice, light red hair, a receding hairline and a buzz cut. He is described as thin build with a vertical scar on the left cheek under the eye. At the time he also had a large, deep bite mark on the chest from his victim.

If you have any information about this crime or any information about the suspect, call the Comanche Police Department at 580-439-2211.

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