The Stephens County commissioners, with the guidance of the District Attorney’s office, went over the issuing of Certificate of Compliances for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Association (OMMA), for those who are not within a municipality.

Stephanie Robinson, assistant district attorney, said the OMMA recently created the Certificate of Compliance form for dispensaries and growers.

“I don’t know why they came up with this, if I were to guess I think it was to stream line and make these more uniform,” she said. “In my experience in other counties, we were getting a lot of requests for certificate of compliances and those counties don’t have any regulations regarding zoning or anything like that.”

The OMMA has created a singular form instead of just “random” letters to be issued by county commissioners.

District One was the first to receive the request according to Robinson.

The paper is fairly easy and Robinson asked that the commissioners themselves sign the forms not the administrative workers.

“It’s a pretty slight forward — we have no applicable zoning classifications or ordinances as far as these six questions go,” she said.

As the new paperwork has just been released, Robinson wanted to get ahead of the coming requests so the board could have an official statement.

“You guys can probably expect to see these coming to you,” she said. “They are kind of popping up in all different places. They might come to the courthouse, they might come to the (district) barns themselves. People a lot of times are walking them in to get them signed as the new laws are going into effect.”

Robinson didn’t think they would have to go through the board meetings to get the forms done. All agreed that a copy would go to the County office, the County Assessors Office and the correct county barn office.

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