During the regular Stephens County Commissioners meeting on Monday, the board spent part of the meeting discussing the possibility of purchasing some property which has recently hit the market.

The property is located at 1014 W. Maple along with additional vacant lots.

District 2 commissioner Todd Churchman said as before they could not pay over appraised value.

“That’s just the way the rules are set, we can’t pay for more than it’s appraised value,” he said.

Churchman said they would likely have to hire an appraiser, and he was going to check to see if they needed two or could could just have one appraisal.

The board said if they did purchase that the money would be out of the general fund.

The land would be used to make additional parking for the courthouse as the most recent supplemental lot is usually full.

“I think it would be beneficial — it’s right across from our little parking lot right now,” Russell Morgan, district 3, said.

District 1 commissioner Kreg Murphree agreed and said it was rare.

“It’s hard to find land close to the courthouse available,” he said. “We’re somewhat land locked like we are.”

The lots are zoned as “heavy commercial.”

The board agreed to have Churchman start the process of securing an appraiser.

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